“By realising the impact our business has on the environment, we understand what is needed of us to reduce the negative impacts our business could have on the environment.”

Sustainable forestry is given the highest priority when choosing a suitable supplier. Our suppliers only uses residual wood in selected quality from sawmills, forest thinnings and suitable recycled wood for the production of wood based panels. Priority is given to the supply and use of wood from the immediate proximity around our suppliers plants, therefore avoiding long delivery distances. Our suppliers has created a closed loop cycle from the raw material through to the end product, which provides an active environmental contribution towards the protection of our forests.

• To develop and maintain a proactive attitude towards the environment.
• To ensure the efficient use of raw material, including energy and water and to process waste recycled wherever possible.
• To prevent pollution within the company, and to have plans in place to counter potential environmental hazards.
• To deal with suppliers who has environmental sustainability as a priority.
• Promote the Company’s commitment to Environmental, Health and Safety issues to clients, suppliers and the general public.
• To annually assess company Environmental, Health and Safety performance through Management Review.
• Source and promote a product range to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution.